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 Accessories for Stripettor Plus pipetting controllers / Corning 
Barrel pumps Ultrapure / Bürkle 
Beakers, low form / Brand, Wertheim 
BellowsBohlender / Bohlender 
BellowsBohlender / Bohlender 
BOLA bellows / Bohlender 
BOLA egg-shaped magnetic stirring bars, PTFE / Bohlender 
 BOLA magnetic stirring bars cylinder / Bohlender 
BOLA Power magnetic stirring bars / Bohlender 
BOLA sleeves / standard joint sleeves / Bohlender 
BOLA vacuum adapter GL / Bohlender 
BOLA vacuum adapters with ground joint / Bohlender 
Carboy vent filter / Thermo Scientific 
 Disposable ground joint sleeve, thin-walled, PTFE, NS / Lenz Laborglas 
Evaporating dishes PTFE / Bohlender 
filtering apparatus complete and accessories / DWK Life Sciences 
Flexible discharge tubing for Dispensette / Brand, Wertheim 
Flexible discharging tubes for bottletop dispensers Dispensette S / Brand, Wertheim 
 GD / XP 25 Spritzenfilter / GE Healthcare 
GL bellows / Bohlender 
 GV 025 Glas-Vakuum-Filtration / GE Healthcare 
 GV 050 Glas-Vakuum-Filtration / GE Healthcare 
Magnetic stirring bar retriever, PTFE / Brand, Wertheim 
Magnetic stirring bars ellipse form / Brand, Wertheim 
 Membrane Circles / GE Healthcare 
Multiple distributors for bottles / Bohlender 
Multiple distributors for bottles, GL 45 / Bohlender 
 MV 050 Vakuum-Filtration / GE Healthcare 
 PM 2.5 membrane, PTFE 46.2 mm with support ring, sequentially numbered / GE Healthcare 
PTFE adapter for filtering apparatus / DWK Life Sciences 
PTFE Sealing rings / Glindemann 
PTFE tubing / Bohlender 
 PTFE-keys with thread, bore 6 mm, NS 21.5 and 3 part retaining device / DWK Life Sciences 
 PTFE-Ventilstifte, für PRODURAN®-Ventilhähne mit Abdrehsicherung / DWK Life Sciences 
 ReZist Spritzenfilter / GE Healthcare 
Stirrer bearings / Bohlender 
Syringe filters GD/X 13 / GE Healthcare 
Test tube racks, PTFE / Brand, Wertheim 
 Thread adapters for solvent pump Mini / Bürkle 
 UniPrep spritzenloser Filter / GE Healthcare 
Vibration scoop / Hammacher 
Wide mouth bottles, PTFE / Brand, Wertheim