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Amber narrow mouth bottles, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Amber wide mouth bottles, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Azlon bottles / DWK Life Sciences 
behroplast wide mouth drums / behr Labor-Technik 
Bottles, medium mouth / KAUTEX 
Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD / KAUTEX 
Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD / Vitlab 
Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD, square / KAUTEX 
Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD, square, white / KAUTEX 
Bottles, wide mouth / KAUTEX 
Carboys, PEHD, rectangular / Thermo Scientific 
 Combination closure / KAUTEX 
Container, wide mouth / KAUTEX 
 Containers, wide mouth / KAUTEX 
 Containers, wide mouth / KAUTEX 
Corner valves, PEHD / hünersdorff 
Dewar flasks / Thermo Scientific 
DispoLadleBürkle / Bürkle 
Disposable all-layer samplers ZoneDispo / Bürkle 
Disposable samplers DispoPipette / Bürkle 
Disposable samplers DispoTube / Bürkle 
Disposable target point samplers TargetDispo / Bürkle 
Disposable zone samplers MultiDispo / Bürkle 
Dropper bottles / KAUTEX 
Fluorinated large wide mouth bottle / Thermo Scientific 
Fluorinated rectangular carboys with spigot / Thermo Scientific 
Fluorinated wide mouth bottles / Thermo Scientific 
Funnel Drychter / hünersdorff 
Funnel, PEHD, oval / hünersdorff 
Funnels, large type / Vitlab 
Invitro Biotainer carboys, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Jerry cans / hünersdorff 
 Jerrycan wrench / KAUTEX 
Jerrycans, PEHD / KAUTEX 
Jerrycans, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Large wide mouth bottles, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Low particulate / low metals bottles / Thermo Scientific 
Lowboys canisters / Thermo Scientific 
Measuring jugs, PEHD / PMP, with handle a. spout, graduated in ml / oz / Thermo Scientific 
Measuring scoops, PEHD / Vitlab 
Multi-purpose container, PEHD / hünersdorff 
Multi-purpose containers / KAUTEX 
Narrow Mouth Bottles Safe Grip, Serie 310, PEHD, natural colour / KAUTEX 
Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD, Safe Grip / KAUTEX 
Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD, sterile / Thermo Scientific 
Narrow mouth PassPort IP2 bottles / Thermo Scientific 
Narrow mouth storage bottles / hünersdorff 
Narrow-mouth bottles for environmental samples / Nalgene 
Reactangular bottles / Thermo Scientific 
Rectangular bottles / Thermo Scientific 
 Screw cap for Safe Grip narrow mouth bottles / KAUTEX 
Screw caps / KAUTEX 
 Screw caps / KAUTEX 
 Screw caps / KAUTEX 
 Screw caps with dispensing pump / KAUTEX 
 Screw caps with stopcock / KAUTEX 
Sealable wide mouth bottles / Bürkle 
Spatula, PEHD, steel core / BRAND 
Square bottles, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Standard jars, wide mouth, PEHD, round / KAUTEX 
Sterile single-use carboy / Thermo Scientific 
Storage container, PEHD / Vitlab 
Tanks, Linear-PEHD, cylindrical / Thermo Scientific 
Tanks, PEHD, rectangular / Thermo Scientific 
UN narrow neck bottles series 308 / 310 / KAUTEX 
Vented closures for sterile disposable Erlenmeyer flasks / Thermo Scientific 
Waste bags swirl / Melitta 
Water can ECO with spout / hünersdorff 
Water can ECO with stopcock / hünersdorff 
Water can PROFI / hünersdorff 
Water cans ECO / hünersdorff 
Wide mouth bottles / Thermo Scientific 
Wide mouth bottles PassPort IP2 / Thermo Scientific 
Wide mouth bottles, PEHD / Vitlab 
Wide mouth bottles, series 310, natural colour / KAUTEX 
Wide mouth bottles, series 310, white / KAUTEX 
Wide mouth bottles, thick-walled, PEHD / Thermo Scientific 
Wide mouth drums / Johnen Verpackungen 
Wide mouth jerrycans / hünersdorff 
Wide mouth UN-drums / KAUTEX 
Wide-mouth centrifuge bottle, PEHD / Thermo Scientific