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Biologist set, 5 pieces / Hammacher 
Chemical scoop / Hammacher 
Chemist sets / Hammacher 
Cork knives / Hammacher 
Cover glass forceps, 105 mm / Hammacher 
Cover glass forceps, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Dissecting needles with metal handle / Hammacher 
Dissecting needles, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Dissecting needles, with plastic handle / Hammacher 
Dissecting scissors / Hammacher 
Dissecting scissors, 105 mm / Hammacher 
Dissecting scissors, 130 mm / Hammacher 
Drigalski spatulas, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Foil knife with blade / Hammacher 
Forceps for tissues and tumours / Hammacher 
HammacherMicro-Scissors / Hammacher 
HammacherSpoon-Spatulas / Hammacher 
Incision scissors, probe pointed / Hammacher 
La Grange scissors / Hammacher 
Laboratory forceps, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Light forceps, watch-spring sheet steel / Hammacher 
Loops, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Micro dissecting scissors, 105 mm / Hammacher 
Micro dressing forceps / Hammacher 
Micro forceps / Hammacher 
Micro forceps GERALD / Hammacher 
Micro powder spatulas / Hammacher 
Micro powder spatulas with black plastic handle / Hammacher 
Micro powder spatulas, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Micro preparation forceps, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Micro scissors with round handle / Hammacher 
Micro spatula, pear-shaped, with black plastic handle / Hammacher 
Micro spatulas Chattaway, double-ended / Hammacher 
Micro spatulas with black plastic handle / Hammacher 
Micro spatulas, stainless steel, metal handle / Hammacher 
Micro spatulas, stainless steel, spoon-shaped / Hammacher 
Micro spoon / Hammacher 
Micro spoon with black plastic handle / Hammacher 
Micro spoon, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Micro weighing spatula / Hammacher 
Microscopic forceps, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Microscopy scissors, 110 mm / Hammacher 
Microscopy scissors, 115 mm / Hammacher 
Microscopy scissors, angled / Hammacher 
Mixing spatulas, double, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Mixing spatulas, double, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Mixing spatulas, double-ended / Hammacher 
Needle holders acc. to Kolle / Hammacher 
Poly spoons, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Preparation forceps, fine / Hammacher 
Scalpel handles / Hammacher 
Scalpel-blade remover / Hammacher 
Scalpels, fine pattern, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Scissors with OP-special cut / Hammacher 
Set for students, 7 pieces / Hammacher 
Soldering tweezers, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Spatulas Chattaway, double-ended / Hammacher 
Spatulas, double ended, Chattaway / Hammacher 
Spatulas, double ended, Wironit steel / Hammacher 
Specimen seizing forceps / Hammacher 
Standard scissors / Hammacher 
Stirring rods / Hammacher 
Surgical scissors, delicated / Hammacher 
Test tube holder / Hammacher 
Titan soldering tweezers / Hammacher 
Titanium dissecting tweezers / Hammacher 
Tubing clamps / Hammacher 
Tubing clamps / serre-fines / Hammacher 
Tubing clamps, 28 mm / Hammacher 
Universal holding tongs / Hammacher 
Universal holding tongs, stainless steel, 195 mm / Hammacher 
Vibration scoop / Hammacher 
Weighing spatulas, stainless steel / Hammacher 
Weighing spoon with spatula end / Hammacher