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Accessories for desiccator wall / Bohlender 
Accessories for SICCO Tower-Star-Desiccator / Bohlender 
Auto-desiccator wall, PMMA / Bohlender 
BellowsBohlender / Bohlender 
BellowsBohlender / Bohlender 
BOLA Beakerliner, PTFE / Bohlender 
BOLA bellows / Bohlender 
BOLA distributors for canisters / Bohlender 
BOLA egg-shaped magnetic stirring bars, PTFE / Bohlender 
BOLA globe stirrer couplings / Bohlender 
BOLA HPLC-distributors for bottles, PP / Bohlender 
BOLA laboratory screw joints / Bohlender 
BOLA magnetic stirrer heads / Bohlender 
BOLA Magnetic stirrer heads P-MRK / Bohlender 
BOLA magnetic stirring bar retriever / Bohlender 
 BOLA magnetic stirring bars cylinder / Bohlender 
BOLA Power magnetic stirring bars / Bohlender 
BOLA scrubber bottles Vitrum / Bohlender 
BOLA sleeves / standard joint sleeves / Bohlender 
BOLA stirrer shafts / Bohlender 
BOLA vacuum adapter GL / Bohlender 
BOLA vacuum adapters with ground joint / Bohlender 
BOLA vacuum filter funnel / Bohlender 
Desiccator wall antistatic, PC ESD / Bohlender 
Desiccator wall, PMMA / Bohlender 
Distributors for barrels / Bohlender 
Distributors for reaction vessels for GLS 80 Schott bottles / Bohlender 
Evaporating dishes PTFE / Bohlender 
Flexible distributors / Bohlender 
Flow filters / Bohlender 
GL 2-way / GL 3-way stopcocks / Bohlender 
GL bellows / Bohlender 
Glove box / Bohlender 
Glove boxes with transfer chamber / Bohlender 
Ground joint GL adapters / Bohlender 
Multiple distributors for bottles / Bohlender 
Multiple distributors for bottles, GL 45 / Bohlender 
Multiple distributors for GLS 80 Schott bottles / Bohlender 
PTFE tubing / Bohlender 
Round bottom flasks with two / three ground joint necks / Bohlender 
Sampling pumps / Bohlender 
Screw thread ferrules / Bohlender 
SICCO auto-Star-Desiccator / Auto-Star-Desiccator Vitrum / Bohlender 
SICCO big-Star-Desiccator / Big-Star-Vitrum Desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO desiccant cartridge / Bohlender 
SICCO dolly desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO glove box Air Stream with transfer chamber / Bohlender 
SICCO glove box Duo 1 with transfer chambers / Bohlender 
SICCO glove box Duo 2 with transfer chamber / Bohlender 
SICCO glove box for exhaustion / Bohlender 
SICCO glove box Pure with transfer chamber / Bohlender 
SICCO glove box Trio with transfer chamber / Bohlender 
SICCO Maxi 1-Desiccator / Maxi 1-Vitrum-Desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO Maxi 2-Desiccator / Maxi 2-Vitrum-Desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO mini desiccators antistatic Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini desiccators black Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini desiccators for gas filling Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini desiccators Protect Basic / Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO mini glove box, PMMA / Bohlender 
SICCO Mini Mobile Basic / Premium desiccators / Bohlender 
SICCO mini-Desiccators Basic / Mini-Desiccators Premium / Bohlender 
SICCO rack for glove box / Bohlender 
SICCO rack for glove box, standing work position / Bohlender 
SICCO star-desiccator / Star-Vitrum-desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO star-Desiccator Double / Bohlender 
SICCO Star-Thermo desiccator / Bohlender 
SICCO Tower-Star-Desiccator / Bohlender 
Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal / Bohlender 
Stirrer bearings / Bohlender 
Super-Star-Desiccator / Super-Star-Desiccator Vitrum / Bohlender 
Temperature probes Lemo / Bohlender