Easyload Injector System

Injector system for all common injector modules and a variety of additional load carriers.
  • Optimal utilisation of the available loading height.
  • Particularly fast loading and easy placement of glassware.
  • Thorough internal cleaning of glasses of different shapes and sizes.
  • Stable hold and max. material protection during rinsing.

Systematically Efficient and Comfortable
The injector jets ensure a thorough cleaning, also when the glassware touches the jet tips. Lateral movement of glassware is reduced. The support rack provides additional stability. If required, it can be mounted on the specific injector module to hold up even particularly large lab glassware without damaging the material.
  • Injector jets: 3 diameters, 6 lengths.
  • Plastic holders and supports.
  • Injector module: 8 to 32 injectors.
  • Holder rack: for 8 to 32 injector positions.
  • Available for PG 8583 and PG 8583 CD, PG 8593.
Easyload Injector System  Miele
Easyload Injector System  MieleEasyload Injector System  MieleEasyload Injector System  MieleEasyload Injector System  Miele  
TypePUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Easyload A 860 holder rack 2 x 415199878-1,781.00Order
Easyload A 861 holder rack 3 x 615199879-2,424.00Order
Easyload A 862 holder rack 4 x 815199880-1,808.00Order
Easyload A 300/3 module 2 x 4 (with 4 x A 840, 4 x A 841)15199881-3,241.00Order
Easyload A 301/5 module 3 x 6 (with 9 x A 842, 9 x A 843)15199882-5,062.00Order
Easyload A 302/3 module 4 x 8 (with 16 x A 844, 16 x A 845)15199883-6,213.00Order
Easyload A 300/2 module 2 x 4 (unloaded)15446682-1,487.00Order
Easyload A 301/4 module 3 x 6 (unloaded)15446683-2,103.00Order
Easyload A 302/2 module 4 x 8 (unloaded)15446684-2,705.00Order
Easyload A 840 injector nozzle15446686-228.00Order
Easyload A 840/1 injector nozzle15446687-1,098.00Order
Easyload A 840/2 injector nozzle15446688-2,196.00Order
Easyload A 840/3 injector nozzle15446689-4,392.00Order
Easyload A 841 injector nozzle15446690-228.00Order
Easyload A 841/1 injector nozzle15446691-1,098.00Order
Easyload A 841/2 injector nozzle15446692-2,196.00Order
Easyload A 841/3 injector nozzle15446693-4,392.00Order
Easyload A 842 injector nozzle15446694-175.00Order
Easyload A 842/1 injector nozzle15446695-831.00Order
Easyload A 842/2 injector nozzle15446696-1,661.00Order
Easyload A 842/3 injector nozzle15446697-3,321.00Order
Easyload A 843 injector nozzle15446698-175.00Order
Easyload A 843/1 injector nozzle15446699-831.00Order
Easyload A 843/2 injector nozzle15446700-1,661.00Order
Easyload A 843/3 injector nozzle15446701-3,321.00Order
Easyload A 844 injector nozzle15446702-121.00Order
Easyload A 844/1 injector nozzle15446703-563.00Order
Easyload A 844/2 injector nozzle15446704-1,125.00Order
Easyload A 844/3 injector nozzle15446705-121.00Order
Easyload A 845 injector nozzle15446706-2,250.00Order
Easyload A 845/1 injector nozzle15446707-563.00Order
Easyload A 845/2 injector nozzle15446708-1,125.00Order
Easyload A 845/3 injector nozzle15446709-2,250.00Order
Usage of injector nozzles and supports without holding frame is possible with almost every Miele lab loading carriers.