Thermo Scientific™
Multidrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser

The Multidrop™ Combi reagent dispenser offers unrivalled levels of performance, versatility and simplicity for pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories. Based on the proven and highly reliable Multidrop™ range, Multidrop™ Combi dispenser has been designed for effortless high-speed dispensing of different types of solutions. For high-throughput screening, Multidrop™ Combi dispenser dispenses into 1536-well plates at nanoliter levels with minimal dead volume. At the other end of the scale, being able to dispense at volumes up to 2500 ìl offers biotech researchers a wide range of applications. Add full robotic capability, and the Multidrop™ Combi dispenser is your answer for problem-free, high-throughput bulk dispensing.
  • Flexible plate height 5 to 50 mm.
  • Autoclavable dispensing cassette.
  • Backflush feature.
  • Low dead volume.
  • Easy-to-use visual user interface with color display.
  • Free of charge Thermo Scientific™ FILLit™ Software for increased flexibility and functionality.
  • Robotic compatible.
Technical Data:
Dimensions (B x T x H):35.5 x 33 x 22 cm
Weight:9100 g
Interfaces:RS232, USB
Power supply:100 to 240 V @ 50 / 60 Hz
Temperature range:10 to 40 °C
Thermo Scientific™  Multidrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser
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Contains one replacable dispensing cassette of each cassette type: standard tubes (5 to 2500 ìl dispensing volume); small tubes with metal tips and small tubes with plastic tips (0.5 to 50 µl dispensing volume).
Cassette lifetime monitoring option with Multidrop Combi SMART2.