Ludwig Schneider 

Ludwig Schneider
PHYSICS 300 Measuring Device

Universal digital device for several measuring applications with data logger function
Suitable for resistance thermometers, thermocouples etc.
  • Multipoint calibration possible.
  • Data logger with graphic display.
  • Multilingual menu.
  • Max. / min. values, average value, single values.
  • Evaluation via software / setting of measuring intervals.
  • More parameters beside temperature:
humidity, pressure, pH, CO2 etc.
  • Calibration and adjustment as measurement chain.
Technical Data:
Resolution:max. 0.01 °C
Output channels:2 (1 data transfer)
Internal memory:12,000 values (data logger)
Ludwig Schneider  PHYSICS 300 Measuring Device
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PHYSICS 300 measuring device4 input channels15445882-on demand