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Filter paper for general use

Filter paper for genral use, type 0860 recommended for identification of substances, clarification of liquids and for the preparation of samples in a broad range of chemical analyses.
  • Creped filter papers have a particularly large surface area and correspondingly shorter filtration times.
  • For the clarification of viscous liquids.
  • For quick separation of large particles.

Technical filter paper, type 520b very suitable for:
  • Sample preparation
  • Clarification of:
- Alcohols, essences, vinegar, essential oils, extracts.
- Electroplating baths, flotation sludge.
- Gelatin, glycerol, hair tonics, perfumes, tinctures.
- Beer wort, spirits and syrups.

Filter papers for beer analysis, type 2555
Suitable for analytical methods in breweries filter and analyse, based upon recommended procedures of the EBC (European Brewery Convention).
  • Ideal for clarification and sample preparation.
  • Suitable for removing CO2 and turbidities.
Hahnemühle  Filter paper for general use
Hahnemühle  Filter paper for general useHahnemühle  Filter paper for general use    
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