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mobilux® DIGITAL Inspection

  • Inspection, magnified display and documentation of defined quality characteristics.
  • Non-contact, optical inspection in areas such as manufacture, quality control and repair.
  • Precisely detailed representation due to high magnification range.
  • Measurement and comparison feature by means of adjustable scales and templates.
  • Great variability with lighting and exposure settings for the widest variety of applications.
  • Storage of test images in HD quality and transfer to the PC.
  • Simultaneous comparative measurements of target vs actual state are possible via split screen on PC.
  • High focus depth and connection facility to table-top tripod for use in variable operating distances.

Items supplied:
  • Mobilux® DIGITAL Inspection incl. removable SD card (4 GB).
  • Charger with adapters for EU, US, GB, AUS.
  • USB cable, length 2 m.
  • Hand carrying strap.
  • Brief instructions.
  • Storage case.
  • Measurement software.
  • Calibration plate.
Technical Data:
Screen size / resolution:4,3" / 480 x 272
Screen dimming:100 %, 75 %, 50 % brightness
Magnification on the display:4 x, 5 x, 6 x, 8 x, 10 x, 12 x, 15 x (above)
1.5 x up to 5.6 x in 8 cm height (distance screen - object)
Scale accuracy:4 x up to 10 x: 0.5 mm, 12 x up to 15 x: 0.25 mm
Image resolution:1280 x 720
Images transferable:with SD card and USB cable
Eschenbach  mobilux® DIGITAL Inspection
Eschenbach  mobilux® DIGITAL InspectionEschenbach  mobilux® DIGITAL InspectionEschenbach  mobilux® DIGITAL Inspection   
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