Extraction Thimble, Super Refined Cellulose

For reliable and fast analysis in the areas of food control and environmental monitoring. Suitable for Soxhlet-type or similar devices, to extract certain components out of solid material with an appropriate solvent.
  • Made of pure cellulose that is totally free from binding elements and extractables.
  • High purity of selected cellulose guarantees reliable and replicable results.
  • Wall thickness:
  • 1.3 mm at thimbles with ≤ 35 mm inner Ø.
  • 1.7 mm at thimbles with > 35 mm inner Ø.
  • The consistent high porosity ensures fast flow through.
  • High fitting accuracy for all available extraction systems.
Hahnemühle  Extraction Thimble, Super Refined Cellulose
Ø x height
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
28 x 602548232000-885.00Order
19 x 90255445783-840.00Order
22 x 80255445784-840.00Order
22 x 100255445785-885.00Order
25 x 60255445786-885.00Order
25 x 70255445787-885.00Order
25 x 80255445788-885.00Order
25 x 100255445789-885.00Order
28 x 80255445791-885.00Order
28 x 100255445792-885.00Order
30 x 80255445793-902.00Order
30 x 100255445794-919.00Order
33 x 60255445795-919.00Order
33 x 80255445796-964.00Order
33 x 90255445797-964.00Order
33 x 94255445798-964.00Order
33 x 100255445799-1,058.00Order
33 x 118255445800-1,058.00Order
33 x 205255445801-1,058.00Order
35 x 150255445803-1,304.00Order
40 x 100255445804-1,553.00Order
40 x 123255445805-1,553.00Order
40 x 150255445806-1,553.00Order
43 x 123255445807-1,553.00Order
33 x 205256372463-1,107.00Order