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ViscoClock plus

The ViscoCIock plus is an electronic timing unit for glass capillary viscometers used to determine kinematic and relative viscosity. Succeeding the well-proven ViscoCIock, the new instrument features data storage and simpler handling. The ViscoClock plus is especially designed for Ubbelohde type viscometers which are well-known for highest precision. The ViscoClock plus automatically measures the flow time of temperature-stabilized liquids in capillary viscometers by means of infrared light barriers: the manual measurement with a stopwatch becomes obsolete. The viscometer including a sample is inserted into the ViscoClock plus and immersed into a thermostatic bath for temperature stabilization. After thermostating, the sample is pumped into the measuring bulb, and the fl ow time is detected automatically. The large display enables easy read-off of fl ow times and additional information: date, time, sample ID and viscometer ID.
  • Automatic and precise flow time measurement for a low price.
  • Suitable for SI Analytics® Ubbelohde, Micro Ubbelohde and Micro Ostwald viscometers.
  • Data storage incl. time, date, viscometer and sample ID.
  • Stand is made of high performance engineering plastic PPA and enables measuring temperatures up to 150 °C.
  • Electromagnetic venting valve for convenient handling of Ubbelohde viscometer.
  • Compatible with all SI Analytics® thermostatic bath types.
Technical Data:
Measuring range time:up to 999.99 s; resolution 0.01 s
Accuracy of time measurement:± 0.01 s / ± 1 digit; however no more precise than 0.1 %;
indicated as measuring uncertainty with a confi dence level of 95 %
Measuring range - viscosity:0.35 to10,000 mm² / s (cSt)
the absolute, kinematic viscosity is additionally dependent on the uncertainty of the numerical value of the viscometer constant and on the measuring conditions, in particular
the measuring temperature.
Display LCD grafic display (FSTN):128 x 64 pixel, 51 x 31 mm (w x h)
seconds indication with 2 decimal digits after the decimal point, resolution 0.01 s
Voltage supply:DC + 9 V
Power supply socket for low voltage connection: coaxial power connector, inner diameter 2.1 mm, plus pole at inner contact for connection of Universal power supply TZ 1858
Plug connections:USB Host to connect USB fl ash drive or printer (TZ 3863), USB OTG to connect (PC), printer (TZ 3863) or USB fl ash drive. Type A USB connector,
Type B mini USB connector
Dimensions (H x W x D):515 x 90 x 30 mm
Weight:450 g (without viscometer)
Ambient temperature:+ 10 to 40 °C for storage and transport
Si Analytics  ViscoClock plus
TypeDescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
ViscoClock plusTiming unit for capillary viscometer. Including power supply 100 to 230 V and hand pump15445771-on demand 
Bracket type 053 92st. steel for every kind of Ubbelohde viscometers15421451-1,692.00Order