Centrifuges 5425

The appeal of the not refrigerated Centrifuge 5425 lies in its very low noise levels (< 51 dB) and its speed up to 21,330 x g (15,060 rpm). Designed to serve common standard applications in modern labs.
  • Lower noise level (< 51 dB) for quiet work environment.
  • OptiBowl®: whisper quiet operation, even without rotor lid.
  • Eppendorf QuickLock® lid locking for all aerosol-tight fixed-angle rotors: fast and gentle handling.
  • A new rotor for 5 ml tubes and a new rotor for divisible Eppendorf twin.tec®.
  • PCR Plates, 8 PCR strips or single 0.1 / 0.2 ml PCR tubes.
  • Improved short-spin function: without continuous pressing of the key.
  • Selectable short-spin max. speed.
  • 10 acceleration and braking ramps.
  • 3 programme buttons for direct access to frequently used settings.
  • Time elapsed since last run will be shown.
Eppendorf  Centrifuges 5425
Eppendorf  Centrifuges 5425Eppendorf  Centrifuges 5425    
DescriptionSpecificationTypePUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Centrifuge 5425not refrigerated, without rotor, with foil padGeneral Lab Product version15197285-23,686.00Order
Centrifuge 5425not refrigerated, with rotor FA-24x2, turning knobsGeneral Lab Product version15445663-29,451.00Order
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