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Unstained Protein Standard IV

Unstained Protein Standard IV is a mixture of 12 unstained recombinant proteins of a molecular weight range from 10 to 200 kDa (separation on a SDS Tris-Glycine gel). The 25 kDa and 85 kDa bands have double intensity for easy allocation of protein molecular weights. It is provided in a ready-to-use formula and no heating, further dilution or adding of reducing reagents is necessary before use. SERVA Unstained Protein Standard IV is designed for molecular weight determination in SDS PAGE and verification of Western Blotting transfer efficiency. The marker is stable for up to two weeks at 25 °C and for up to 3 months at 4 °C. Recommended loading volume for a mini gel is 5 µl / lane.
  • Stabil up to 2 weeks at room temperature.
  • Prestained.
  • Ranging from 10 kDa up to 200 kDa.
  • Ready-to-Use.
  • For blotting.
SERVA  Unstained Protein Standard IV
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