HiSens Stain G

SERVA HiSens Stain G is a highly sensitive, non-carcinogenic fluorescent nucleic acid stain, specially designed for in-gel staining of agarose gels. It stains double-stranded or single-stranded DNA and RNA with a sensitivity several times greater than EtBr. The detection limit in in-gel staining is approx. 0.1 ng of a 4-kb dsDNA band. The stain is provided as a ready-to-use 10 000x stock solution. The stain can be detected with standard UV as well as with blue light tables. When bound to nucleic acids, the stain has fluorescent excitation maxima of 250 and 480 nm, and an emission maximum of 509 nm.
  • Extremely low background.
  • Detects DNA and RNA.
  • 10,000 fold concentrated.
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