Solvent Circulation Apparatus

With stainless steel Dimroth condenser. The spiral condenser has a standard ground joint NS 29 / 32. The jacket tube is made of borosilicate glass 3.3 and has a ground joint socket NS 29 / 32, a ground joint cone NS 29 / 32 and a two-way stopcock with replaceable PTFE-plug.
Solvent Circulation Apparatus  Rettberg
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Solvent circulation apparatus15305354-11,235.00Order
Special flask, 500 ml15012058-969.00Order
Special flask, 1000 ml15012059-1,145.00Order
Special flask, 2000 ml15305358-1,447.00Order
Receiver flask, 100 ml15305360-172.00Order
Receiver flask, 250 ml15305361-323.00Order
Remarks: supplied without illustrated accessories!