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Arctic Squares® Cryogenic Storage Boxes
Heathrow Scientific

Safely store vials from - 196 to + 121 °C in mechanical freezers as well as liquid nitrogen. These PC boxes are designed with unique features to help orient, identify and access vials with ease. Forward-sloped base and high contrast indexing on the transparent lid ensure quick visual orientation. Hinged lid with built-in stop allows easy one-handed access to samples. A built-in stop prevents the lid from swinging too far when the box is picked up by the lid, helping to prevent accidental spills. The 25-well model does not incl. a hinged lid. All boxes have vent and drainage holes.
  • Autoclavable, stackable.
Arctic Squares® Cryogenic Storage Boxes  Heathrow Scientific
For vials
ColourPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Arctic Squares®2576 x 76 x 532red85444877-on demand 
Arctic Squares®, incl. forceps81133 x 133 x 532assorted45444878-on demand 
Arctic Squares®, incl. forceps100133 x 133 x 532blue45444876-on demand