YOUTILITY Identification Labels
DWK Life Sciences

The accurate and reliable labelling of scientific samples is an integral part of the success of your laboratory. Labels carry critical information, and without accurate labelling, months of research could be put at risk. Identification labels are the foundation of an effective laboratory management process. The robust Duran® YOUTILITY identification labels are suitable for use with the YOUTILITY bottle, plus many other types of laboratory glassware, such as GL 45 bottles, beakers and conical flasks.
  • The tear resistant, white polyester YOUTILITY labels use a high performance, peelable adhesive.
  • An easy-to-use label creator web app. is available ( to design, and print your own label designs.
  • Ideal for use in fridges, freezers, autoclaves, incubators, and water baths, without the risk of the labels falling off.
  • Can be printed with office printers, copiers, or marked with technical lab pens (pre-test ink for suitability).
  • Chemically resistant to many typical laboratory chemicals, and solvents.
  • Wide - 40 to + 150 °C thermal performance range.
  • Supplied in a re-sealable, pack of 100 labels on five A4 sheets.
YOUTILITY Identification Labels  DWK Life Sciences
YOUTILITY Identification Labels  DWK Life SciencesYOUTILITY Identification Labels  DWK Life Sciences    
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