Safety Funnel with Level Control


Keep filling levels in non-transparent containers safe and easy under control.
Lightweight construction. Material: electrostatic conductive PEHD.
  • Integrated level control.
  • No more overflowing containers.
  • Removable sieve for easy cleaning.
  • Space saving construction, suitable for every safety cabinet.
  • 9.75 l throughput per min.
  • Level control responds from 8 to 8,5 l*.
  • S60 thread with freely rotatable closure.
  • Drip edge prevents from fluid deposition at the closure.
Safety Funnel with Level Control    S·C·A·T
Safety Funnel with Level Control    S·C·A·TSafety Funnel with Level Control    S·C·A·T    
TypePUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Safety funnel with level control, PEHD, S60 thread1323117637-on demand 
* When using a 10 l container.
Accessories for safety funnels with level control / SCAT