5910 R Centrifuges

The refrigerated centrifuges 5910 R combine high capacity and extraordinary performance.
  • Swing-bucket rotors and adapters accommodate tubes and bottles from 0.2 to 750 ml.
  • High centrifugation speed of up to 22,132 x g (14,000 rpm).
  • Dynamic compressor control technology for precise cooling performance.
  • FastTemp pro® function allows for fast precooling.
  • 99 programme channels to customise the settings.
  • Extremely quiet operation.

5910 R centrifuge with swing-bucket rotor S-4xUniversal:
  • The universal adapters can spin a selection of tubes and plates (mixed assembly possible).
  • Wide range of adapters for tubes and bottles of 4 up to 750 ml as well as plates.
  • Aerosol-tight Eppendorf QuickLock® caps and lids for a secure centrifugation of dangerous samples are optionally available.
  • No need to change the buckets, only the adapters.
  • No need for separate plate buckets.
  • No need to store different buckets.
  • Incl. universal buckets and adapters for conical tunes (5, 15 and 50 ml) and plates, max. capacity:
64 x 15 / 36 x 50 ml.
Technical Data:
Max. RCF with fixed-angle rotor:22,132 x g
Max. RCF with swing-bucket rotor:5263 x g
Speed:100 to 14,000 rpm (10 rpm steps)
Max. capacity:4 x 750 ml / 4 x 5 MTP
Acceleration / braking ramps:10 / 10
No. of programmes:99 (5 program keys)
Timer:10 s to 99 h 59 min, with continuous run function, short-spin
Mains supply:230 V, 50?to?60 Hz
Max. power consumption:1650 W
Dimensions (W x D x H):72 x 66 x 37?cm
Footprint (W x D):72 x 62 cm (dimensions without front panel)
Height:85 cm (with open lid)
Weight without accessories:
Temperature control range:
109 kg
- 11 to 40 °C
Noise level:< 53 dB(A) (S-4xUniversal rotor)
5910 R Centrifuges  Eppendorf
5910 R Centrifuges  Eppendorf5910 R Centrifuges  Eppendorf5910 R Centrifuges  Eppendorf   
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
5910 R centrifuge, General Lab Product versionrefrigerated, with S-4xUniversal rotor15445447-156,396.00Order
5910 R centrifuge, General Lab Product versionrefrigerated, without rotor15445446-117,551.00Order
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