GC Connections

This unique, self-tightening stainless steel GC column nut delivers a tight connection - without expensive upgrades or adaptors.
  • No need of retightening the fittings.
  • Robust, leak-free column connection.
  • Easy operation without the use tools.
  • The finger-tight design prevents the fittings and the ferrules from being damaged by excessive force.
  • The low column bleed ensures a longer working life for the column.

The self tightening column nuts are available for the inlet, detector and the MS transfer line. To be used with the same graphite or metal ferrules.
Agilent  GC Connections
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Self tightening column nut, for MS interface transfer line1310519052331 on demand 
Self tightening column nut for inlet and detector fittings131051906194-on demand