Laboratory Balances Series 390

The series 390 balances offer you the best ergonomics, incl. an ultimate low weighing pan access level. Inspired by the top smartphones, you will be familiar within seconds with your balance and exploit its full potential. You can upgrade your balance with those applications you need in the future.

The frameless draft shield glass allows a barrier-free view and easy access into the weighing chamber. The draft shield glasses can be dismantled for cleaning within seconds without the need of any tools. All glasses, the weighing pan and other parts can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • With high-end technology.
  • 7" anti-reflective touchscreen.
  • Context help.
  • Electric draft shield.
  • SLS: self-linearisation system.
  • Stability indicator: provides visual information about the balance environment.
  • Electronic observation of levelling.
  • User management.
  • TLS: touch less sensor.
Technical Data:
Outer dimensions (W x D x H):234 x 510 x 310 mm
Inner dimensions (W x D x H):189 x 150 x 240 mm
Weight:13 kg
Interfaces:2 x USB type A (host), 2 x USB type B (device), 1 x 100 M Ethernet, 1 x RS232
Mains supply:100 to 240 V
Power supply:external
Temperature range:5 to 40 ºC
Precisa  Laboratory Balances Series 390
Weighing pan
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Semi-micro balance HA125SM1250.010.02Ø 8015445169-117,208.00Order
Semi-micro balance HA125SM-FR61 / 1250.01 / 0,10.02 / 0.1Ø 8015445170-99,372.00Order
Semi-micro balance HA225SM-DR102 / 2250.01 / 0.10.02 / 0.1Ø 8015445171-118,482.00Order
Semi-micro balance HA225SM-FR61 / 2250.01 / 0.10.02 / 0.1Ø 8015445172-126,126.00Order
Analytical balance HA120A1200.10.1Ø 9015445173-89,180.00Order
Analytical balance HA220A2200.10.2Ø 9015445174-94,276.00Order
Analytical balance HA320A3200.10.2Ø 9015445175-104,468.00Order
Analytical balance HA520A5200.10.4Ø 9015445176-117,208.00Order
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