Single Beam VIS Spectrophotometers Libra S4+ / S6+

Great functionality such as the automatic calibration at start-up gives you the confidence you need in your measurements. With no lid or moving parts, this robust instrument is easy to use, clean and store. Increase your measurement flexibility with the optional test tube cell holder which allows you to measure 10 to 18 mm test tubes. The standard cell holder accepts 10 mm glass and disposable cuvettes and is easily removed for cleaning. An optional thermostatted cell holder is also available giving you the added capability of measurements at 37 °C.
  • Visible spectrophotometer covers 325 to 1100 nm allows you to see more of your sample.
  • Save data on a USB, results can be analysed later.
  • PVC (Print Via Computer) software allows you to transfer data directly from the instrument.
  • 1 year warranty.

Items supplied:
PVC software, starter pack of 8 disposable cuvettes, dust cover, USB cable, 18 V power supply with EU, UK, US and Japan power cords.
Technical Data:
Wavelength range:325 to 1100 nm
Monochromator:flat grating
Wavelength calibration:automatic upon switch on
Spectral bandwidth:<7 nm
Wavelength accuracy:± 2 nm
Wavelength reproducibility:± 1 nm
Light source:pulsed tungsten halogen
Detector:CMOS array
Photometric range:- 0.3 to 2.5 A, 0.3 to 199%T
Photometric linearity:± 0.010 A or ± 2.0 % whichever is the greater between 0 and 1.5 A at 546 nm
Photometric reproducibility:< 0.002 A at 0 A and 500 nm
Stray light:< 1%T at 340 nm

± 0.005 A / H at 0 A and 546 nm
after warm-up
< 0.002 A RMS at 0 A and < 0.003 A
RMS at 1 A both at 600 nm
Mains supply:90 to 265 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 15 VA
Biochrom  Single Beam VIS Spectrophotometers Libra S4+ / S6+
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Libra S4+72 with pin number protection325 x 133 x 2251.61F4250572-on demand 
Libra S6+90 with pin number protection325 x 133 x 2251.61F5189779-on demand 
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