Storage Boxes

The complete system solution for sample storage. Due to a module concept, the boxes can be arranged individually and exactly as required.

Outer dimensions of the boxes are compatible with all standard rack systems of freezers. The different inner grid versions allow for an ideal fitting of all common tube formats: cryo tubes, reaction tubes (0.5 to 5 ml), conical tubes (15 and 50 ml) and further lab tubes.

A combination of high-quality PP and an optimised design provides a high dimensional stability and allows for an easy opening and closing.

Vent holes in the boxes for 15 and 50 ml tubes ensure an even freezing process. Thus, damage or breakage of tubes in prevented.
  • Space-saving: for an optimised storage and archiving of samples.
  • Optimal space utilisation in the freezer due to a flexible combination of different box formats.
  • Alphanumerical laser labelling for clear identification.
  • Minimisation of allocation errors.
  • High-contrast readability.
  • Permanent resistance.
  • 5 additional labelling fields on the lid for individual marking.
  • Transparent lid for easy and quick sample check.
  • Suitable for sample storage down to - 86 °C; autoclavable at + 121 °C for 20 min for sterilisation.
Storage Boxes  Eppendorf
Storage Boxes  EppendorfStorage Boxes  EppendorfStorage Boxes  Eppendorf   
ForPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
10 x 1052.8100 cryo tubes with inner thread35444493-341.00Order
9 x 952.881 (cryo-) tubes with screw cap 1 to 2 ml35444494-351.00Order
9 x 976.281 (cryo-) tubes with screw cap 3 ml25444495-243.00Order
9 x 9101.681 (cryo-) tubes with screw cap 4 to 5 ml25444496-250.00Order
8 x 852.864 tubes 1 to 2 ml35444497-351.00Order
5 x 563.525 tubes 5 ml with screw cap45444179-495.00Order
5 x 576.225 tubes 5 ml with screw cap25444498-250.00Order
5 x 512725 tubes 15 ml25444499-256.00Order
3 x 31279 tubes 50 ml and 4 tubes 15 ml25444500-256.00Order
3 x 3899 x 25 ml tubes25446777-260.00Order