UV-Cuvettes, Plastic

UV-cuvette micro
  • Centre height: 8.5 or 15 mm.
  • Specially designed for photometric determination of proteins, ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotides in the UV range.
  • Usable starting from 230 nm. Ideally suited for measurements at 260 and 280 nm as well as in the visible range.
  • Standard 10 mm light path.
  • Sample volumes as small as 70 µl are sufficient.
  • Individually wrapped UV-cuvettes micro are free of DNase, DNA and RNase.

UV-cuvette macro and semi-micro
  • Ideally suited for determinations in water analysis, chemistry and in life science applications.
  • Usable with most polar solvents, acids and alkaline solutions.
  • Drastically reduced risk of contamination and lower costs compared to quartz glass cuvettes.
  • 10 mm light path.
Technical Data:
Standard deviation
240 nm:≤ ± 0.007 extinction units
300 nm:≤ ± 0.005 extinction units
Light path:10 mm
Typical range of application:230 to 900 nm
UV-Cuvettes, Plastic  BRAND
UV-Cuvettes, Plastic  BRANDUV-Cuvettes, Plastic  BRAND    
DescriptionFilling volume
Filling volume
Size window
(W x H)
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
UV-cuvette, semi-micro1.5 ml3.0 ml4.5 x 23100540611814 418.00Order
UV-cuvette, macro2.5 ml4.5 ml10 x 3510054061196 379.00Order
UV-cuvette, micro, center height 8.5 mm70 μl850 μl2 x 3.510054061202 314.00Order
UV-cuvette, micro, center height 8.5 mm70 μl850 μl2 x 3.55005406121-1,423.00Order
UV-cuvette, micro, center height 8.5 mm, single wrapped70 μl850 μl2 x 3.510054061281 651.00Order
UV-cuvette, micro, center height 15 mm70 μl550 μl2 x 3.51005406122-314.00Order
UV-cuvette, micro, center height 15 mm70 μl550 μl2 x 3.55005406123-1,423.00Order
UV-cuvette, micro, center height 15 mm, single wrapped70 μl550 μl2 x 3.510054061293 651.00Order
Cap for UV-cuvette micro, blue   1005406124-148.00Order
Cap for UV-cuvette micro, yellow   1005406125-148.00Order
Cap for UV-cuvette micro, green   10054061263 148.00Order
Cap for UV-cuvette micro, orange   1005406127-148.00Order