HPLC Starter Kit

  • Extraction initial equipment for a HPLC system.
  • Price advantage compared to ordering piece by piece.
  • Suitable for all current HPLC systems.
  • Unused connectors can be closed by the blind screws delivered with the set: this makes the system universally applicable, even when less connectors are needed for a time.
S.C.A.T  HPLC Starter Kit
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
HPLC Safety Set3 SafetyCaps I, 1 SafetyCap II, 1 blind plug, 5 x 3,2 mm OD fittings, 4 air valves13231992002 on demand 
HPLC Safety Set4 SafetyCaps II, 4 blind plugs, 8 x 3,2 mm fittings, 4 air valves1323199201-on demand