KNF Neuberger
Rotary Evaporator RC 600

  • Fit for purpose: all functions operated centrally via membrane keypad providing exceptional ease of use.
  • Comprehensively robust: device design and details were especially developed for intensive use.
  • Safe and compact: cordless heating bath with pour spout, fixed tube guide, easy flask exchange - typical hazards eliminated thanks to well thought out safety features.

Items supplied:
Incl. 1000 ml receiving flask (coated), 1000 ml evaporation flask NS 29 / 32, cooling condenser (coated).
Technical Data:
Heating bath temperature:+ 20 to + 180 °C
Coolant supply parameters (chilled condenser)
Permissible pressure:

3 bar
Permissible temperature:
Coolant-coated surface:
- 15 to + 20 °C
1230 cm2
Size of evaporation flask:
Rotational speed:
50 to 3000 ml
25 to 280 min-1
Length of stroke:
Lifting speed:
150 mm
38 mm / s
Total weight:
Dimensions (W x D x H):
9.1 kg
431 x 453 x 464 mm (without glass)
487 x 453 x 823 mm (with glass)
KNF Neuberger  Rotary Evaporator RC 600
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