Refrigerators for Pharmaceutical Storage acc. to DIN 58345

Refrigerators for the use in pharmacies, hospitals and other health care facilities have to fulfil stringent standards in relation to the storage of medications. These DIN 58345-compliant appliances have many features that guarantee safe storage.
  • Volt-free contact for connection to a remote monitoring system.
  • Audible and visual temperature alarm warning if the temperature exceeds the permissible temperature range of 2 and 8 °C.
  • The seamless inner container made of plastic is particularly easy to take care of and to clean. It enables a perfect hygiene.
  • The cover of the evaporator prevents the contact between the stored medicines and the cold evaporatorás surface.
  • The grid shelves are plastic coated and height-adjustable, hold goods and can be removed when the door is 90º opened.
  • These refrigerators for pharmaceutical storage fulfill the requirements of DIN 58345 concerning the storage of medicines.
  • It is possible to access (Ø 10 mm) the appliances with Comfort electronic controller to integrate an external temperature probe (e. g. PT 100 or similar sensors).
Technical Data:
Climate class:SN
Refrigerant:R 600a
Refrigeration system:dynamic
Defrost phase:automatic
Temperature range:5 ºC
Cover material / colour:steel / white
Control type:eletronic
Temperature display:external, digital
Power failure alarm:immediately upon power failure for min. 12 h
Interface / volt-free contact:RS 485 / yes
Usable storage surfaces (W / D):440 / 420 mm
Load storage surfaces:45 kg
Mains supply:
ergonomic slimmline handle
220 to 240 V
Self-closing door:
Door hinges:
right interchangeable
LIEBHERR  Refrigerators for Pharmaceutical Storage acc. to DIN 58345
LIEBHERR  Refrigerators for Pharmaceutical Storage acc. to DIN 58345LIEBHERR  Refrigerators for Pharmaceutical Storage acc. to DIN 58345    
TypeGross /
net volume
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Energy consumption
in 365 days
ConnectionGross /
net weight
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
MKUv 1610-21141 / 116600 x 615 x 820440 x 435 x 6702731.0 A41 / 3915190373-21,646.00Order
MKUv 1613-20141 / 115600 x 615 x 820440 x 435 x 6703691.0 A46 / 4315444291-23,684.00Order
MKv 3910-21360 / 300600 x 615 x 1840440 x 435 x 16353091.5 A74 / 6815189264-28,271.00Order
MKv 3913-20360 / 281600 x 615 x 1840440 x 435 x 16354801.5 A91 / 8515444293-31,073.00Order
Glassdoor, Interior lighting with switchable LED, separate (for Order No. 5444291 and 5444293).
Energy consumption: measured at an ambient temperature of 25 ºC and a pre-set temperature of 5 °C.