VITgrip™ Lab Bottles

The allround bottle made of plastic for storage and sample collection of liquids in the lab.
  • Excellent handling due to innovative design. In contrast to common lab bottles, the slim, waisted shape facilitates the handling of the VITgrip™ to a considerable degree. The molded volume graduations support slip-safety while working with gloves.
  • Leakproof due to optimised sealing system of the bottle thread and the screw cap with ergonomic design.
  • Easy readability of the volume at all times due to molded, double-sided graduations with high accuracy (± 5 %).
  • Smooth pouring of liquids and easy to clean due to hydrophobic material and rounded shape without dirt catching edges.
  • Incl. tamper-evident closure, that reliably signals, if the bottle is still sealed.
  • Made of shatterproof, food-safe PP with good chemical resistance.
  • The VITgrip™ lab bottles and the supplied VITLAB® tamper-evident closures (GL 45) are 'made in Germany'.

VITgrip™ promotional set:
  • 1 x 250 ml VITgrip™ lab bottle, PP, GL 45.
  • 1 x 500 ml VITgrip™ lab bottle, PP, GL 45.
  • 1 x 1.000 ml VITgrip™ lab bottle, PP, GL 45.
  • 3 x tamper-evident closures, PP, GL 45.
VITLAB®  VITgrip™ Lab Bottles
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VITgrip™ lab bottle12512,51035465443542-304.00Order
VITgrip™ lab bottle250251496465443543-350.00Order
VITgrip™ lab bottle500251927765443544-428.00Order
VITgrip™ lab bottle1000502349765443545-607.00Order
VITgrip™ lab bottle200010027812615443546-239.00Order
Height without screw cap.
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