HandyStep® electronic, Repetitive Pipettes

The HandyStep® electronic repetitive pipette was designed to provide effortless pipetting for repetitive serial dispensing. Reduced operating forces, intuitive menu and easy-to- read display further simplify repetitive pipetting.
  • Any volume you require from 1.0 µl to 50 ml.
  • Patented automatic tip size recognition of the PD-Tips from BRAND with size encoding.
  • Compatible system: will accept most third-party dispenser tips.
  • Versatile operation with 3 modes: dispensing, automatic dispensing, pipetting.
  • Patented learning function for individual adjustments of intervals in automatic dispensing.
  • Separate speed adjustment for filling and dispensing, independently adjustable.
  • NiMH battery pack - easy to replace, charges in as little as 2.5 h.
  • Charge the storage battery either in the instrument or separately in the charger.

HandyStep® electronic with RS232 interface:
Especially suited for integration in automated systems the externally controllable motorised dispenser with interface forms the central component for complex dosing tasks.

The HandyStep® electronic repetitive pipette saves time and prevents errors through automatic tip size recognition of the PD-Tips from BRAND. The size of these tips is encoded in their piston (patented). After inserting the tip, the size is automatically recognised and displayed, making it easy to select the volume to be dispensed. When a PD-Tip of the same size is inserted, all instrument settings are maintained.

Items supplied:
Each HandyStep® electronic has DE-M marking and is supplied with performance certificate, NiMH battery pack, charging dock and AC adapter. One PD-Tip of sizes 0.5, 1.25, 2.5, 5 and 12.5 ml each.

HandyStep® electronic with RS232 interface IVD: additionally supplied with 2 m interface cable, software (for applications with Windows operating system starting WINDOWS 95) and Library HSeBRAND.DLL.
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