The Transferpettor pipette operates on the positive displacement principle. It is ideal for pipetting highly viscous media like highly concentrated protein solutions, oils, resins and fats with a viscosity up to 140000 mm² / s. It is suitable for media with high density up to 13.6 g / cm³, e. g. glycerin, mercury as well as media with high vapour pressure up to 500 mbar (e. g. alcohols, ether, hydrocarbons) or media which tend to foam (surfactant solutions). DE-M marking.
  • Supplied without accessories.

Transferpettor, digital, DE-M marking, with performance certificate.
Transferpett<U>or</U>  BRAND
VolumeA* ≤ ± %CV** ≤ %Colour CodePUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
2.5 to 10 μl1.00.8orange15280602-4,181.00Order
5 to 25 μl0.80.52 x white15280605-4,181.00Order
10 to 50 μl0.60.4green15280610-4,181.00Order
20 to 100 μl0.60.4blue15280620-4,181.00Order
100 to 500 μl0.50.2green15280724-4,181.00Order
200 to 1000 μl0.50.2yellow15280726-4,181.00Order
1 to 5 ml0.50.2red15280730-4,181.00Order
2 to 10 ml0.50.2orange15280732-4,181.00Order
* A = Accuracy, ** CV = Coefficient of variation.
Calibrated to deliver (TD, »Ex«). Error limits according to the nominal capacity (= maximum volume) indicated on the instrument.