Breathing Assistance AIRMATIC

For comfortable and strength-saving assistance of breathing in combination with appropriate half masks resp. full face masks and filter.
  • With expert opinion evaluated by DEKRA EXAM, Germany in accordance to DIN EN 12942:2009-2 (power assisted filtering devices).
  • Manufactured of top quality and extremely impact proofed material (PVC free).
  • Handy but very robust and durable.
  • The featherweight ensures first class comfort with an added value of safety.
  • Max. comfort of wearing without irritating the field of vision.
  • Reduces effectively the heat accumulation within the mask.
  • Especially economic and safe.
  • User optimised although very easy to be used.
  • No annoying, disturbing and dangerous cable hassle due to battery integration directly in housing.
  • To be used with appropriate full face masks, half masks and filter with standard thread connection.
  • Can be worn for a long time thanks to exchangeability of batteries.
  • Immediately ready for use through provided battery pack.
  • Made in Germany.
Breathing Assistance AIRMATIC  EKASTU Safety
Breathing Assistance AIRMATIC  EKASTU SafetyBreathing Assistance AIRMATIC  EKASTU Safety    
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