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RFM900 Digital Refractometers
Bellingham + Stanley

Refractometers with Peltier temperature control for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other applications requiring a wide measuring range. The RFM900 series of refractometers combine latest opto-electronic principles with durability and ease of use.

RFM900 refractometers feature RFID (radio frequency identification) that allows users to identify themselves by simply swiping a tag across the top of the instrument to enable measurement and in certain cases, access to the configuration menu.

A low profile sample dish and non-contact presser makes sample application and cleaning much easier than with its predecessor. Readings can be taken automatically on the replacement of the presser and up to 700 stored results can be easily viewed in tabular form on the instrument display. Peltier temperature control and intelligent temperature management ensures readings are only taken when the sample and refractometer temperatures are both stable.

The instruments conform to a number of industry measurement standards and offer operational features that allow use in an environment controlled by FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11. The use of a Kalrez® gasket and sapphire prism facilitates placement in the harshest measurement environments including those in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, aroma, flavour, fragrance and other high RI sectors.

The T-models provide an innovative design and a very large HD touch display (7") for intuitive control. Additionally, they have a higher resolution.
Technical Data:
Refractive index:
Sugar (°Brix):

1.30 to 1.70
0 to 100
Temperature compensation
Sucrose (°Brix):
AG fluids:
5 to 80 °C
5 to 40 °C
Temperature control:Peltier
Measuring temperature range:0 or 10 °C below ambient whichever is the greater, to 80 °C
Temperature sensor accuracy:± 0.03 °C
Sample temperature stability:± 0.02 °C
Prism seal:Kalrez®
Interfaces:1 x parallel (printer), 2 x serial (RS232), 3 USB-ports, 1 ethernet connection
Display:full colour
RFM900 Digital Refractometers  Bellingham + Stanley
refractive index
sugar (°Brix)
refractive index
sugar (°Brix)
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RFM960-T0.00010.1± 0.0001± 0.115439637-114,217.00Order
RFM970-T0.0000010.001± 0.00002± 0.0215439638-124,327.00Order