Bulb Pipettes, One Mark, Plastic

PP, with 1 mark. High clarity, resistant to breakage. Calibrated to deliver (TD, »Ex«). Ring mark and inscriptions in high quality blue colour.

Exposure to temperatures up to 60 °C will not cause permanent exceeding of error limits. Cleaning temperature below 60 °C is recommended to preserve marks and inscriptions.
BRAND  Bulb Pipettes, One Mark, Plastic
Error limit
± ml
ShapePUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
10.02straight1527323210 92.00Order
20.02straight152732332 108.00Order
50.03bulb152732351 164.00Order
100.04bulb152732365 172.00Order
250.06bulb152732383 173.00Order
500.10bulb152732393 183.00Order