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Bulb Pipettes, with One Mark, Class AS, Blue Graduated

All BLAUBRAND® burettes, automatic burettes and bulb pipettes are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging. On request, they are also available with an individual certificate, USP individual certificate or DAkkS calibration certificate.
BLAUBRAND®, class AS, DE-M marking. AR-Glas®. DIN EN ISO 648. 1 Mark. Calibrated to deliver (TD, »Ex«). Waiting time 5 s. Ring mark and inscriptions in high contrast blue enamel.
BRAND  Bulb Pipettes, with One Mark, Class AS, Blue Graduated
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± ml
Colour CodePUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
0.50.0053002 x black1527310124 68.00Order
10.008300blue1527310211 58.00Order
20.010330orange1527310353 58.00Order
30.010330black1527310520 64.00Order
40.0154002 x red1527310625 75.00Order
50.015400white1527310725 69.00Order
60.0154002 x orange15273108-96.00Order
70.0154002 x green152731095 96.00Order
80.02440blue152731103 96.00Order
90.02440black152731114 96.00Order
100.02440red1527311244 76.00Order
150.03510green152731136 96.00Order
200.03510yellow1527311410 97.00Order
250.03520blue1527311526 99.00Order
300.03520black1527311610 116.00Order
400.05540white152731171 143.00Order
500.05540red1527311815 131.00Order
1000.08585 (± 15 mm)yellow1527311913 182.00Order