Graduated Pipettes, Class AS, Type 3, Blue Gratuated

All BLAUBRAND® burettes, automatic burettes and bulb pipettes are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging. On request, they are also available with an individual certificate, USP individual certificate or DAkkS calibration certificate.
BLAUBRAND®, class AS, DE-M marking, AR-Glas®. DIN EN ISO 835. Type 3 (zero point at the top), total delivery. Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). Waiting time 5 s. Marks and inscriptions in high contrast blue enamel.
BRAND  Graduated Pipettes, Class AS, Type 3, Blue Gratuated
Error limit
± ml
Cotton plug upper endPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 74.00Order
10.010.007no152721067 58.00Order
10.010.07yes154205202 70.00Order
20.010.010no152721088 76.00Order
20.020.010no152721096 58.00Order
20.10.010no1527211010 58.00Order
50.050.030yes1527211122 70.00Order
50.10.030yes152721122 68.00Order
100.10.05yes1527211340 70.00Order
200.10.1yes152721144 144.00Order
250.10.1yes152721155 144.00Order
500.50.2yes152721163 234.00Order
Order No. 5272116 in addition to the ISO range.
Order No. 5272108 in addition to the ISO range, no DE-M marking.