Dense Storage System
Thermo Scientific

The dense low temperature storage format uses standard cryo box sizes that work with the freezer racks you currently own. By using standard boxes with 13 x 13 tube separators, 169 x 1 ml tubes fit in a standard size cryo box - effectively doubling capacity and cutting storage costs.
  • Available in economical cardboard or long lasting plastic cryobox options.
  • Fits 169 x 1 ml cryobank tubes for the most dense storage available.
Dense Storage System  Thermo Scientific
DescriptionPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Cryo box, PCcontainer133.00133.0052.00white with clear lid, with 13 x 13 compartments245400949-185.00Order
Picker Pencontainer   universal245433150-on demand 
* Available for models up to 50 µl.