Circulation Chillers Microcool

Circulation chillers for reliable continuous operation in the lab and in research from - 10 up to + 40 °C. LAUDA Microcool has been designed as a circulation chiller line with four compact models and cooling capacities from 0.25 to 1.2 kW. With high-quality block pump with magnetic coupling. The magnetic coupling of pump and electric motor exclude sealing problems on the pump shaft. The devices are used whenever heat needs to be dissipated reliably and quickly, e. g. in laboratories for rotary evaporators, distillation systems or analytical devices.
  • Operating element with large LED display and membrane keyboard.
  • Timer-based activation and deactivation of the circulation chillers.
  • Illuminated window for checking heat transfer liquids condition.
  • Compact design and low space requirements.
  • Block pump with magnetic coupling prevents sealing problems.
  • Filling supports on the device at the top of the front for simple and safe filling.
  • RS-232 interface and alarm contact standard.
  • Front grid can be easily removed for easy cleaning of the condenser.
Technical Data:
Operation temperature range:- 10 to + 40 °C
Temperature stability:± 0.5 K
Mains supply:230 V / 50 Hz
Circulation Chillers Microcool  LAUDA
at 20 °C
max. bar
max. l / min
Filling volume
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
MC 2500.250.35162 to 4 l200 x 350 x 46515432141-30,262.00Order
MC 3500.30.35163 to 5 l240 x 400 x 50015436766-36,421.00Order
MC 6000.61.2274 to 8 l350 x 480 x 59515432143-41,242.00Order
MC 12001.21.2277 to 14 l450 x 550 x 65015432144-51,552.00Order
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