Incubators IN / IF

Models IN / INplus with natural convection.
Models IF / IFplus with forced air circulation.

Incubators for applications in research, medicine, pharmaceutics and food technology. Organic chamber loads require gentle heating. For this reason, the heating and control system are especially optimised for low temperatures of up to + 80 °C. To prevent temperature overshoots, temperature is increased within a very narrow control range and kept exactly at the setpoint value.
  • With all-round surface heating and temperature control system.
  • With inner glass door.
  • Fresh air is preheated.
  • Acc. to DIN 12880:2007-05, EN 61010-1 (IEC 61010-1), 61010-2-010.

AtmoCONTROL - control and logging software
For direct setting parameters as well as process time. Fast and easy programming of complex processes via AtmoCONTROL by means of the mouse or touchpad on the notebook.
Programme functions SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY:
  • Reading out, managing and organising the data logger.
  • Saving the log memory in various formats.
  • Online monitoring of up to 32 connected appliances.
  • Optical alarms when the alarm limits individually set at the ControlCOCKPIT are exceeded.
  • Automatic alarm to one or several e-mail addresses.

Medical device certification:
The Memmert incubator INm / INmplus / IFm / IFmplus is a Class I medical device in accordance with EU directive 93/42/EWG. In accordance with the intended use incubators Im may be used for warming of rinsing solutions and infusions as well as contrast agents. Incubators Im are intended for heating fango, silicate and APS packs for physical therapy and keeping them warm.
Technical Data:
Min. working temperature range:at least 5 °C (IN / INplus / INm / INmplus) or 10 °C (IF / IFplus / IFm / IFmplus) above ambient temperature to + 80 °C
Setting temperature range:+ 20 to + 80 °C
Setting accuracy:0.1 °C
  • SingleDISPLAY: ControlCOCKPIT with one TFT colour graphical display with touchscreen.
  • One temperature sensor Pt100 DIN class A in a 4-wire circuit.
  • AtmoCONTROL software for reading out, managing and organising the data logger via ethernet interface (temporary trial version can be downloaded). AtmoCONTROL software available as accessory on demand.
  • Ethernet interface on the rear of the appliance for reading out the protocol log.
  • Double overtemperature protection: electronic temperature monitoring with freely adjustable monitoring temperature with option A6 TWW / TWB (protection class 3.1 or 2), mechanical temperature limiter TB acc. to DIN 12880.
Incubators IN / IF  Memmert
Incubators IN / IF  MemmertIncubators IN / IF  MemmertIncubators IN / IF  Memmert   
TypeChamber volume
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
IN3032400 x 250 x 320585 x 434 x 7046015432095-14,020.00Order
IN5553400 x 330 x 400585 x 514 x 7848015432096-17,300.00Order
IN7574400 x 330 x 560585 x 514 x 94412015432097-20,487.00Order
IN110108560 x 400 x 480745 x 584 x 86417515432098-24,169.00Order
IN160161560 x 400 x 720745 x 584 x 110421015432099-32,177.00Order
IN260256640 x 500 x 800824 x 684 x 118330015432100-42,500.00Order
IN4504491040 x 600 x 7201224 x 784 x 124730015432101-56,613.00Order
IN7507491040 x 600 x 12001224 x 784 x 172030015432102-76,538.00Order
IF3032400 x 250 x 320585 x 434 x 7046015432103-17,434.00Order
IF5553400 x 330 x 400585 x 514 x 7848015432104-22,522.00Order
IF7574400 x 330 x 560585 x 514 x 94412015432105-25,629.00Order
IF110108560 x 400 x 480745 x 584 x 86417515432106-30,583.00Order
IF160161560 x 400 x 720745 x 584 x 110421015432107-37,961.00Order
IF260256640 x 500 x 800824 x 684 x 118330015432108-49,302.00Order
IF4504491040 x 600 x 7201224 x 784 x 124730015432109-63,509.00Order
IF7507491040 x 600 x 12001224 x 784 x 172030015432110-83,273.00Order
IN75m74400 x 330 x 560585 x 514 x 94412015197396-20,487.00Order
IF30m32400 x 250 x 320585 x 434 x 7046015447946-17,434.00Order
IF110m108560 x 400 x 480745 x 584 x 86417515447949-30,583.00Order
IF160m161560 x 400 x 720745 x 584 x 110421015447950-37,961.00Order
IF260m256640 x 500 x 800824 x 684 x 118330015447951-49,302.00Order
IF450m4491040 x 600 x 7201224 x 784 x 124730015447952-63,509.00Order
Further options such as equipment with intertior lighting or different ports are available on request. Extra equipment has to be stated with the order directly.
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