Accessories for Series U, I, S, ICH, ICP, IPP, IPS, HPP, HCP

TypeFor model sizesPUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
St. steel grid3015432084-599.00Order
St. steel grid55 and 7515432085-701.00Order
St. steel grid110 and 16015432086-1,071.00Order
St. steel grid26015432087-1,389.00Order
St. steel grid450 and 75015432088-2,294.00Order
St. steel grid1060 series U16008897-6,625.00Order
St. steel shelf3015432089-599.00Order
St. steel shelf55 and 7515432090-701.00Order
St. steel shelf110 and 16015432091-1,071.00Order
St. steel shelf26015432092-1,389.00Order
St. steel shelf450 and 75015432093-2,294.00Order
St. steel shelf1060 series U15439663-6,625.00Order
Further accessories as reinforced st. steel grid / -shelf max. loading 60 kg, st. steel tray, bottom drip tray, wall bracket and guarantee extension by 1 year are available on request.