Zoom Stereo Microscopes SMZ-171 Series

High-performance Greenough stereo microscope with LED. Versatile stereo microscope for a wide range of biological and material science applications.
  • Improved optical and mechanical performance.
  • Improved image contrast due to multi-layer lens coating.
  • Improved illumination concept.
  • ESD compatible set ups available.
  • Various accessoeries available.
  • Observation tube binocular - / phototube 45°, 360° rotating, F.N. 23.
  • Fixed optical split of 50:50.
  • Widefield adjustable eyepieces WF10X / 23 mm.
  • 6.7:1 zoom ratio, WD = 110 mm.
  • Objective magnification range: 0.75 to 5 x.
  • SMZ-171 pole type stand with large working area and head holder.
  • Coarse focusing system with tension adjustment.
  • 3 W incident and transmitted LED illumination with independent intensity controls.
  • Transmitted light with tilting reflector (oblique illumination).
  • Option to adapt flexible light guide.
  • Main supply 100 to 240 V (CE).
  • Black / white and frosted glass stage plates and dust cover.
Motic  Zoom Stereo Microscopes SMZ-171 Series
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Zoom stereo microscope SMZ-171-BLED binocular15437292-14,065.00Order
Zoom stereo microscope SMZ-171-TLED trinocular15437293-14,868.00Order