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BDA digital Basic Set
Analytik Jena

BDA digital provides state-of-the-art digital photography. Heart of the system is a high-resolution digital camera with autofocus and motorised zoom. The camera is fully software-controlled and provides versatile functions for fast and easy image acquisition. A selection of pre-defined camera settings is available for different gel types and stainings. In addition, individual user profiles can be defined. The gel files can be reliably analysed by self-explanatory BDA software routines.The high resolution images are particularly useful for the detection of close banded gels and for band quantification.

BDA digital core set: digital camera with USB 2.0 interface, lens adapter, camera power supply, bandpass filter with transmission max. of 590 nm for e. g. ethidium bromide stains, BDA software for image acquisition (min. field of view: 10 x 10 cm) and gel analysis.
BDA digital Basic Set  Analytik Jena
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