Fluid Aspiration Systems BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic, control and professional

Compact BioChem-VacuuCenter systems provide an optimal solution for safe, sensitive and efficient suction of residual fluids in all fields of application.

BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic:
Designed for connection to an existing external vacuum source such as a diaphragm pump or a vacuum network (e. g. VACUU·LAN®); does not require electric power. The chemical-resistant mechanical vacuum controller always ensures an optimal operating vacuum. The controller opens only when needed, thus limiting the gas load on the vacuum source. Evaporation of the collected liquid is minimised. The flow liner integrated in the bottle head reduces aerosol and foam formation and ensures a long service life of the hydrophobic sterile filter. The aspiration system is available either as BVC basic with 4 l PP bottle or as BVC basic G with 2 l coated glass bottle.

BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC control:
Serves for efficient and convenient aspiration of supernatants. The vacuum level and thus the suction force is sensitively adjustable by the electronic touch panel and allows a delicate and reproducible operation. The chemically-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump is automatically turned on and off as needed, reducing the low noise level even further. The BVC control is available in 2 complete equipment options with different collecting flasks. The 2 l glass bottle with a protective coating has a very high chemical resistance, for larger amounts of liquids the 4 l bottle of unbreakable PP is used. The smooth surfaces allow an easy cleaning of the systems.

BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC professional:
Serves for aspiration and disposal of biological fluids under high demands on comfort and safety for example when working with biohazard materials. The non-contact level sensor monitors the liquid level electronically and prevents overfilling. The disinfection routine allows the suction of disinfectants through the hose after switching off the pump. Thereby the system perfectly fits into existing safety procedures. The risk in transporting hazardous waste and of contamination in the workplace is minimised at the BVC professional with 4 l PP bottle with self-closing quick couplings. The 2 l coated borosilicate glass bottle allows to work with aggressive disinfectants.
Fluid Aspiration Systems BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic, control and professional  VACUUBRAND
Fluid Aspiration Systems BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic, control and professional  VACUUBRANDFluid Aspiration Systems BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic, control and professional  VACUUBRAND    
(L x W x H)
PUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic250 x 200 x 902.815429104-9,775.00Order
BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC basic G230 x 180 x 4303.215432240-10,846.00Order
BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC control408 x 194 x 5007.315429105-20,085.00Order
BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC control G408 x 194 x 4307.715432241-21,090.00Order
BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC professional408 x 194 x 5007.315429106-26,446.00Order
BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC professional G408 x 194 x 4307.715432242-25,709.00Order
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