QuEChERS Extraction Kits

Prepackaged kits are an easy way to capture the time-saving benefits of QuEChERS sample preparation.
  • No guesswork or measuring.
  • Uniquely packaged extraction kits.
  • Wide selection of dispersive kits.
  • Ceramic homogenisers save 70 % of your time per sample.
AOAC:6 g MgSO4, 1.5 g NaAcetate
Original (10 g samples):4 g MgSO4, 1 g NaCI
Original (15 g samples):6 g MgSO4, 1.5 g NaCI
EN 15662:4 g MgSO4, 1 g NaCI, 1 g NACitrate, 0.5 g DiNaCitrate Sesquihydrate
Acrylamides:4 g MgSO4, 0.5 g NaCI
QuEChERS Extraction Kits  Agilent
PackingPUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
AOAC 2007.1yesyeswith tubes5031059825755CH-on demand 
AOAC 2007.1yesnowith tubes5031059825755-on demand 
AOAC 2007.1yesnopackets only5031059826755-on demand 
AOAC 2007.1yesnopackets only20031059827755-on demand 
Original (10 g samples)noyeswith tubes5031059825550CH-on demand 
Original (10 g samples)nonowith tubes5031059825550-on demand 
Original (10 g samples)nonopackets only5031059826550-on demand 
Original (10 g samples)nonopackets only20031059827550-on demand 
Original (15 g samples)nonopackets only5031059825555-on demand 
Original (15 g samples)nonowith tubes5031059826555-on demand 
Original (15 g samples)nonopackets only20031059827555-on demand 
EN 15662yesyeswith tubes5031059825650CH-on demand 
EN 15662yesnowith tubes5031059825650127 on demand 
EN 15662yesnopackets only5031059826650-on demand 
EN 15662yesnopackets only20031059827650-on demand 
Acrylamidenonowith tubes5031059825850-on demand