Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps and Pumping Systems

Typical applications for chemistry diaphragm pumps incl. evacuating chemically aggressive gases and vapours from such equipment as rotary evaporators, vacuum drying cabinets and centrifugal concentrators. Chemistry diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND have uncompromising chemistry designs: due to fluorocompounds they are very resistant to chemical vapours from inlet to exhaust and are very tolerant of condensate. The 2-, 3- and 4-stage pumps also have a gas ballast valve that helps to preserve pump performance when working with condensable vapours. Pumping chambers are hermetically separated from the drive space, ensuring long lifetimes of mechanical parts. Diaphragm pumps are oil-free, for vastly reduced service demands compared with oil-sealed pumps. They eliminate the water waste of water-jet aspirators and the contaminated waste-oil disposal of rotary vane pumps.
  • PTFE sandwich diaphragms and valves made of perfluoro elastomer or PTFE.
  • Internal tubing and fittings made of PTFE / ETFE / ECTFE compounds.
  • High diaphragm lifetimes with ultra-durable PTFE sandwich design.
  • Head cover and clamping disc made of fluoro compounds with stability core for unsurpassed long-term performance.
  • Very long service intervals for low lifetime cost-of-ownership.

NT models:
  • Patented drive system for extra quiet, ultra-low-vibration operation.
  • Patented valve mounting system to simplify service access.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning.
  • Sealing system provides reduced leakage rates for improved ultimate vacuum.
  • Exceptionally high performance even at low vacuum.
  • Very good ultimate vacuum even with open gas ballast.
  • Maintenance-free drive system.
Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps and Pumping Systems  VACUUBRAND
of stages
flow rate
m3 / h
(L x W x H)
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
ME 2C NT12.170243 x 211 x 19810.215427526-17,140.00Order
ME 4C NT13.970254 x 243 x 19811.015880809-22,630.00Order
ME 8C NT17.170325 x 243 x 19814.316337127-44,455.00Order
ME 16C NT116.370531 x 260 x 35928.115429107-85,429.00Order
MZ 2C NT22.07243 x 243 x 19811.115880825-22,897.00Order
MD 1C31.32316 x 143 x 1756.915880828-30,530.00Order
MD 4C NT33.41.5325 x 243 x 19814.315880834-44,455.00Order
MD 12C NT311.12531 x 260 x 35928.115429108-85,429.00Order
MV 10C NT49.50.9533 x 260 x 35928.115436833-88,241.00Order
ME 4C + 2AK2 / 13.9 / 4.370 / 52316 x 242 x 29113.616355606-30,931.00Order