Rocking Shaker MR-12

The rocking shaker MR-12 provides adjustable shaking of media and solvents in vessels and bags on a non-slip platform. Shaking speed and tilt angle of the platform can be adjusted individually. Ideal for the use after DNA / RNA electrophoresis and cell-growth in incubators.
  • Incl. standard platform with non-slip mat.
Technical Data:
Temperature range:+ 5 to + 40 °C
Speed:1 to 99 min-1
Tilt angle:0 to 9° (1 to 50 min-1)
10° (51 to 99 min-1)
Timer:1 min to 99 h 59 min
Max. continuous operation:168 h
Max. load:5 kg
Dimensions:400 x 480 x 250 mm
Dimensions platform:460 x 360 mm
Weight:13 kg
Mains supply:230 V
Rocking Shaker MR-12  BIOSAN
Rocking Shaker MR-12  BIOSANRocking Shaker MR-12  BIOSAN    
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