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Rotating Shaker Rotator Genie®
Scientific Industries

For mixing samples in reaction vessels, culture- and test tubes. Exchange of platform without tools. Rear- and front-loading of platforms, even loading assumed. Alternatively incl. standard platform with 8 elastics for a variable fixing of different vessels or with magnetic platform on which different plates for tubes and vessels can be attached. 2 years warranty / CE.
Technical Data:
Speed:5 to 35 min-1, continuously adjustable
Dimensions:400 x 175 x 400 mm (with platform 290 mm height)
Weight:5.2 kg
Ambient:0 to 38 °C, 95 % RH
Mains supply:230 V, Euro plug
Rotating Shaker Rotator Genie®  Scientific Industries
TypePlatform dimensions
(L x W)
PUOrder StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Rotator Genie® with standard platform260 x 26015427297-on demand 
Rotator Genie® with magnetic platform290 x 31515427298-on demand 
Please order plates separately.
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