Bio-Simplex® Carboys, PP

PP. Carboy for storing and dispensing a variety of standard reagents, media, solvents and sterile water.
  • Volumes of 5 to 40 l.
  • With and without autoclavable stopcock.
  • Space-saving.
  • Graduated.
  • Large opening for filling.
  • Stable grip for the entire hand.
Bio-Simplex® Carboys, PP  Kleinfeld
Bio-Simplex® Carboys, PP  KleinfeldBio-Simplex® Carboys, PP  KleinfeldBio-Simplex® Carboys, PP  Kleinfeld   
Order StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
Bio-Simplex® carboy5with closure15427281-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy5with closure + stopcock15427282-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy10with closure15427283-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy10with closure + stopcock15427284-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy10with 3" sanitary flange15427285-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy20with closure15427286-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy20with closure + stopcock15427287-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy20with 3" sanitary flange15427288-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy40with closure15427289-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy40with closure + stopcock15427290-on demand 
Bio-Simplex® carboy40with 3" sanitary flange15427291-on demand 
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