Glove Boxes with Transfer Chamber

Efficient and safe working in a closed room. Protection of pure substances, production of chemical compositions, handling of toxic substances. Made of acrylic panels, PE-bottom in the working chamber, aluminium frame, quick couplings, tubing, gloves made of natural rubber size 9.
  • Low cost compared to conventional steel glove boxes.
  • Light weight combined with robust construction.
  • Easy to move, install and work with.
  • All-round visibility.
  • Air tight and gas tight when filled through the special locking valves.
  • Large front opening.
  • 2 lead-ins for cables on the backside (upper left and upper right).
Temperature resistance:- 20 to + 70 °C
Use:normal pressure
Stand:rubber feet
These glove boxes have a reinforced aluminium frame. Front panel with 2 glove ports and 1 pair of natural rubber gloves size 9, two lead-ins for cables on the back side, transfer chamber with 2 doors, external door with latch. Work space and transfer chamber each incl. 2 hose connectors for gas-filling and aeration and appropriate tubing (2 x 5 m tubing for gas-filling made of PVC and 2 x 5 m aeration tubing made of PE).
Technical Data:
Stand:rubber feet
Use:normal pressure
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):1210 x 700 x 600 mm
Usable interior space (W x H x D):850 x 650 x 540 mm
Capacity:290 l
Maximum all-over load:40 kg
Glove Boxes with Transfer Chamber  Bohlender
Glove Boxes with Transfer Chamber  BohlenderGlove Boxes with Transfer Chamber  BohlenderGlove Boxes with Transfer Chamber  Bohlender   
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Glove box Vitrum with transfer chamberborosilicate 3.3- 20 to + 12015438376-88,978.00Order