Control seal on a continuous roller with extremely strong adhesive strength. Holds on the most diverse bases. Customisable. E. g. for closing small holes, marking specific points or to repair long cracks quickly, reliably and easily. For universal use, the adhesive tape close-ittape is kept in white with tear-off lines. It can be labelled with pemanent ink and locks gas-proof.
  • Length: 50 m.

Available in the classic close-it® design, as well as close-ittape food, with a food-compatible adhesive.
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close-ittape  Bürkle
close-ittape  Bürkleclose-ittape  Bürkleclose-ittape  Bürkle   
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close-ittape standard95505426742-727.00Order
close-ittape standard150505426743-1,019.00Order
close-ittape food95505426744-727.00Order
close-ittape food150505426745-1,019.00Order
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