Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps LABOPORT®
KNF Neuberger

  • N 938.50 KT.18 ensures exceptionally fast evacuation by the parallel and in series connection of both pump heads.
  • PTFE-coated diaphragm is ideal for aggressive / corrosive gases and vapours.
  • Pump head: PPS.
  • Valves: FFPM.
Technical Data:
Operating pressure:0.5 bar
Connectors for tube:ID 6 mm (N 816.3 KT.18, N 816.1.2 KT.18)
ID 10 mm (N 938.50 KT.18)
Permissible media and ambient temperature:+ 5 to + 40 °C
Flow rate at atm. pressure:up to 1.8 m3 / h
Ultimate vacuum:up to 15 mbar abs.
N 816.3 KT.18:filtration, SPE, degassing, fluid aspiration
N 938.50 KT.18:filtration, SPE, degassing
N 816.1.2 KT.18:filtration
Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps LABOPORT®  KNF Neuberger
TypeFlow rate at
atm. pressure
m3 / h
Ultimate vacuum
mbar abs.
Size (W x D x H)
ValvePUOrder No.in StockPrice/Unit/NOK 
N 816.3 KT.180.96200.5IP 2090 x 361 x 141-15880555-9,561.00Order
N 938.50 KT.181.8150.5IP 20110 x 317 x 212-15435235-16,095.00Order
N 816.1.2 KT.181.81600.5IP 20102 x 361 x 141-15439676-9,762.00Order
N086KN.1861002.4IP2090 x 164 x 141-15880510-on demand 
N022AN.18151004IP20145 x 203 x 194st. steel15880530-7,860.00Order
N026.1.2AN.18391002IP20185 x 243 x 192st. steel15880537-on demand 
N026.3AN.182220-IP20185 x 243 x 192st. steel15880538-on demand 
N035AN.18301004IP44198 x 280 x 255st. steel15880540-on demand 
N035.1.2AN.18551004IP44250 x 349 x 222st. steel15880541-on demand 
N035.3AN.183013-IP44250 x 351 x 222st. steel15880553-on demand 
N022AN.18151004IP44145 x 203 x 194-15880554-on demand 
N816.3KN.1816150.5IP2090 x 361 x 141-15880556-on demand 
N838.3KT.1822150.5IP20110 x 404 x 210-15880557-on demand 
N035.3AN.183013-IP20250 x 323 x 222st. steel15880558-on demand 
N035AN.18301004IP20143 x 265 x 254st. steel15880559-on demand 
N035.1.2AN.18551004IP20250 x 321 x 222st. steel15880560-12,627.00Order
N811KN.1811.52402IP2090 x 187 x 157-15880685-on demand 
N820AN.18221001IP44157 x 268 x 204-15880687-on demand 
N820.3AN.182281IP44153 x 312 x 204-15880688-on demand 
Further models are available on request.
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